Business Sector Services

There is an old saying that ‘money makes the world go around’. And in a very practical sense, it does. There is a distinct knock-on effect when a single business is owed money. The restricted cash flow may put them in arrears with their suppliers, and the domino effect is set into action. Churchill Recovery Solutions looks to halt this devastating effect that has plagued the economy. It has touched every industry and the businesses within those industries. Without the right checks and balances, debt can literally impact the global economy.

The team of experts at CRS work with our clients to understand every aspect of their business, from the point of sale on through to their current collections process. By analysing your business at each stage, we gain a thorough understanding of your business model, and then we create a bespoke solution to maintain a steady, healthy cash flow.

Our aim is to work with those who are in arrears with an understanding yet realistic approach to obtain a realistic repayment schedule that satisfies both parties. If an arrangement cannot be met, we are prepared to take the collections process to the next stages when necessary.

There are many regulations involved with collections, with varied steps associated with certain sectors which can present challenges to someone who has not been through the rigors of debt collection litigation before. We operate according to the Lending Standards Board, and Trading Standards.